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Re: [PATCH 8/9] Documentation for DTrace USDT probes.

> From: "Jose E. Marchesi" <>
> Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:48:24 +0200
> gdb/doc:
> 2014-09-26  Jose E. Marchesi  <>
> 	* gdb.texinfo (Static Probe Points): Add cindex `static probe
> 	point, DTrace'.
> 	(Static Probe Points): Modified to cover DTrace probes in addition
> 	to SystemTap probes.

No need to mention the name of the same node twice.

> +@itemize @bullet
> +@item @code{SystemTap} (@uref{})
> +@acronym{SDT} probes@footnote{See
>  @uref{}
> -for more information on how to add @code{SystemTap} @acronym{SDT} probes
> -in your applications.
> +for more information on how to add @code{SystemTap} @acronym{SDT}
> +probes in your applications.}.  @code{SystemTap} probes are usable
> +from assembly, C and C@t{++} languages@footnote{See
> +@uref{}
> +for a good reference on how the @acronym{SDT} probes are implemented.}.  
> +@item @code{DTrace} (@uref{})
> +@acronym{USDT} probes.  @code{DTrace} probes are usable from C and
> +C@t{++} languages.
> +@end itemize

Please leave an empty line before each @item.

> +Some @code{SystemTap} probes have an associated semaphore variable;
> +for instance, this happens automatically if you defined your probe
> +using a DTrace-style @file{.d} file.  If your probe has a semaphore,
> +@value{GDBN} will automatically enable it when you specify a
> +breakpoint using the @samp{-probe-stap} notation.  But, if you put a
> +breakpoint at a probe's location by some other method (e.g.,
> +@code{break file:line}), then @value{GDBN} will not automatically set
> +the semaphore.  @code{DTrace} probes do not support the notion of
> +semaphores.

The last sentence confused me: you first explain something that seems
to imply semaphores are part of DTrace probes, but then say that they
don't support semaphores.  What am I missing?

> +probe being handled.  Some @code{DTrace} probes can be enabled or
> +disabled, but @code{SystemTap} probes do not support these notions.

Which "notions"?  If you want to say they cannot be disabled, please
say so explicitly.


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