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Re: [PATCH 0/4] PR c++/13403 and PR c++/15154: Fix function calling convention in gnuv3 ABI

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Siva Chandra <> wrote:
> This patch series addresses the two listed PRs. The gnuv3 ABI function
> which decides whether a class value has to be passed by reference (or,
> returned in a hidden first parameter) is currently incomplete. This
> patch series completes it.
> The way I have organised my patches is that:
> - Patch 1/4 adds tests which illustrate what is missing. One test
> fails, another passes.
> - Patch 2/4 fixes the ABI to address the failing the test in 1/4.
> - Patch 3/4 adds another failing test.
> - Patch 4/4 fixes the ABI to address the failing test in 3/4.
> If the patches go in in the same order as above, then the tree will
> have one new failing test after 1/4 lands but before 2/4 lands. Is
> that OK? If not, then I can merge 1 and 2 into one patch, and 3 and 4
> into 1 patch. I have ordered it this way because I thought it might be
> easier for the reviewers to see what works and what doesn't currently.

That order is fine by me.

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