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Re: [PATCH] Add support for bound table in the Intel MPX context.

Am 9/30/2014 4:17 PM, schrieb Eli Zaretskii:

Thank you very much for your prompt review.  See my answers below:
From: Walfred Tedeschi <>
Cc:, Walfred Tedeschi <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:29:08 +0200

In order to investigate the contents of the MPX boundary table two new commands
are added to GDB.  "mpx-info-bounds" and "mpx-set-bounds" are used to display
and set values on the MPX bound table.

	* NEWS: List new commands for MPX support.
I don't see this part in the changeset you've sent.
I think it has got lost will add it!
	* gdb.texinfo: Add documentation about "mpx-info-bounds"
	and "mpx-set-bounds"
Please state the name of the node in which you make the changes (as if
it were a function).
--- a/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo
+++ b/gdb/doc/gdb.texinfo
@@ -21482,6 +21482,16 @@ be returned in a register.
  @kindex show struct-convention
  Show the current setting of the convention to return @code{struct}s
  from functions.
+@item mpx-info-bound @var{pointer storage}
Shouldn't this go into the next subsection, which describes features
specific to the MPX support?
Yes it should! Will move.
+@kindex mpx-info-bound
+Displays the bounds of a pointer given its storage.
What is a "pointer's storage"?  We should explain that here, otherwise
this text is entirely unclear.  I also think that we should say a bit
more about the bounds, so that readers will understand what this
feature is about and how to use it to their advantage.

+@item mpx-set-bound @var{storage} @var{lbound} @var{ubound}
+@kindex mpx-set-bound
+Set the bounds of a pointer in the map given its storage. This command takes
Two spaces between sentences, please.
+three parameters @var{storage} is the pointers storage and @var{lbound} and
Please add a colon ":" after "parameters", and a comma "," between
"storage" and "and".

+@var{ubound} are lower and upper bounds new values respectivelly.
"are the new values for the lower and the upper bound, respectively"

(Only 1 'l' in "respectively".)

+static void
+i386_mpx_set_bounds (char *args, int from_tty)
+  CORE_ADDR bd_base = 0;
+  CORE_ADDR addr, lower, upper;
+  CORE_ADDR bt_entry_addr = 0;
+  CORE_ADDR bt_entry[4];
+  int ret;
+  char *addr_str, *lower_str, *upper_str, *tmp;
+  if (!i386_mpx_enabled ())
+    error ("MPX not supported on this target.");
+  if (!args)
+    error ("Address of pointer variable expected.");
+  addr_str = strtok (args, " ");
+  if (!addr_str)
+    error ("Missing address of the pointer in the command.");
+  lower_str = strtok (NULL, " ");
+  if (!lower_str)
+    error ("Missing lower bound in the command.");
+  upper_str = strtok (NULL, " ");
+  if (!upper_str)
+    error ("Missing upper bound in the command.");
+  addr = parse_and_eval_address (addr_str);
+  lower = parse_and_eval_address (lower_str);
+  upper = parse_and_eval_address (upper_str);
+  bd_base = i386_mpx_bd_base ();
+  bt_entry_addr = i386_mpx_get_bt_entry (addr, bd_base);
+  ret = target_read_memory (bt_entry_addr, (gdb_byte *) bt_entry,
+			    sizeof (bt_entry));
+  if (ret)
+    error ("Cannot read bounds table entry at 0x%lx", (long) bt_entry_addr);
+  bt_entry[0] = (uint64_t) lower;
+  bt_entry[1] = ~(uint64_t) upper;
+  ret = target_write_memory (bt_entry_addr, (gdb_byte *) bt_entry,
+			     sizeof (bt_entry));
+  if (ret)
+    error ("Cannot write bounds table entry at 0x%lx", (long) bt_entry_addr);
+  else
+    i386_mpx_print_bounds (bt_entry);
Why aren't error messages in this function inside _() ?
Have to fix it!

Thanks a lot again!
For the next review you will see all those changes addressed.

Best regards,
Intel GmbH
Dornacher Strasse 1
85622 Feldkirchen/Muenchen, Deutschland
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Feldkirchen bei Muenchen
Geschaeftsfuehrer: Christian Lamprechter, Hannes Schwaderer, Douglas Lusk
Registergericht: Muenchen HRB 47456
Ust.-IdNr./VAT Registration No.: DE129385895
Citibank Frankfurt a.M. (BLZ 502 109 00) 600119052

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