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some status

On Sunday (thanks to rth's help) I was able to compile glibc for the
first time since January using the current egcs.  A big step.

What I did first was looking for problems in localedef.  I knew there
were memory corruptions.  This is why these mcheck() changes went in
in the last days.  They are pretty effective ato find these problems.
The problems were in obstack_printf which should now work.

This morning I checked in a change to handle unaligned buffers in
iconv().  Bruno reported this and he's right.  I still didn't want to
loose the fast method if the user is sane enough and passes in
appropriately aligned buffer.  Therefore we have now this even more
complicated recursive inclusion of loop.c.  I have not tested it on
machines which require this so please, give it a try.  I don't have
access to a machine which requires this.

I'm slowly nearing the bottom of the pile of emails I haven't handled
so far.  I'll let you know when I think I'm done so that you can
resend messages containing patches/bugs I missed.

Yesterday I started looking at the IA-64 changes and I'm making very
slow progress.  The biggest problem are the patches which change
generic code and this in a way which penalizes other architectures.
This is of course not acceptable.  So I have to rewrite the code but
this takes time.

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