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Re: 1.3.2: signgam problem still present in plotutils, gnuplot etc.

Re: 1.3.2: signgam problem still present in plotutils, gnuplotetc.

Re: 1.3.3-2: fseek fails on multiples of 1024 (binary mode)


Re: G g [ V[ g 0F?=


[ Re: Pthread support in cygwin]

[ 1.3.3-2: fseek fails on multiples of 1024 (binary mode)]

Re: [Fwd: Building newlib for arm - setjmp.S and thumb?]

[Fwd: libgloss test programs for m68k]

[Fwd: Some configures in /cvs/src needs regeneration with autoconf]

[ wcslen prototype missing the size_t type.]

[khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU: missing signgam problem [Re: perl/PDL]]

[ bug report: sscanf problem with cygwin 1.3.1-1]

[merge] build-libiberty patch merged from gcc

[PATCH] - add setbuffer/setlinebuf functions

[Patch] arm crt0.S: call _init and _fini

[PATCH] Fix command line initialisation for ARM sim

Re: [patch] newlib long long printf for rtems

[patch] newlib/

[PATCH] Remove some cygwin cruft from newlib

[PATCH] Stack symbol in CRT0.s causes out of ram error for SH-COFF target

[Patch] to support m68k simulator

[PATCH] turn on timercmp, et al, for Cygwin

[PATCH] Two cygwin-related changes


[PATCH]: Don't define ctype is* and to* macro if C++

[PATCH]: fchdir() prototype in sys/unistd.h

[PATCH]: libc/sys/cygwin/include/unistd.h

[PATCH]: libc/sys/cygwin/sys/dirent.h

[PATCH]: libgloss port for 68hc11/68hc12

[PATCH]: Newlib port for 68hc11/68hc12

[PATCH]Remove stack symbol definition from crt files for SH

[ Scanf with a long long.]

[RFA] Add new function strtoull()

[RFA] ARM IEEE byte ordering patch

[RFA] Cygwin header file patches

[RFA] Protect dirent.h against multiple inclusion.

[RFA]: Add declaration for `alloca' to stdlib.h

[ Pthread support in cygwin]


about ARM's RDP RDI monitors


Again newlib with arm / thumb interwork

anonymous class type error

Another problem about building Arm-elf newlib!(not support for target-libgloss)

anyone object to this cautionary comment?

arm 7tdmi gnu toolchain

arm and -msoft-float

ARM/Thumb, setjmp, and gcc 3.0

Authorization failed for Access Rejected

auto-sync more files?

binutils and newlib for powerpc-ibm-eabi with gcc-2.95.2

bug in newlib's configury

Re: bug report: sscanf problem with cygwin 1.3.1-1

Bug while compiling Newlib 1.8.2

build M68k and ARM platform newlib under Cygwin!

Build error on newlib1.9.0 for mips-elf

Build newlib: parse error

building a big endian arm elf gcc/binutils/newlib

Building newlib for arm - setjmp.S and thumb?

Building Newlib Independently of GCC

building newlib with i386-coff-gcc

C startup files in newlib or libgloss ???

C99 integer type sizes for limits.h

Can I link newlib and don't release my source Code?And how about Cephes Math Library?

Can newlib replace glibc on the StongArm System?

can't install newlib-1.9.0


ChangeLog correction for xstormy16 port

Collisions between newkib and w32api sockets

compilation error for newlib 1.9.0 for timezone of cygwin

Re: Configure option for seting lib as Big endianess!

Configure options!

Correct ld setting of "end" symbol in arm/syscalls.c _sbrk?

couldn't build cross newlib, please help

Re: cygwin/newlib types patchs

debugging malloc support fro cygwin

Does anyone have a "correct" newlib/libm for ARM7TDMI?

does CrossGCC support multi-process?

Does newlib have testsuite?How to test newlib on my own platform?

dynamic or static linking

errno handling in nonreentrant syscalls (fwd)

error compiling for THUMB-COFF

ERROR in libc/stdlib/mallocr.c???

Error of tan/tanf in libm.

Error on test file for libm(test_vec.c)?

ERROR: underfined symbol=end

ezmlm warning

fdopen and _fcntl

feature request: sleep() and usleep() for ARM

FYI: build-libiberty patch

gamma(lgamma) error in libm(signgam undeclared)

RE: gcc compile

General information on Hitachi SH math performance

Hard links

Help form the basics

Help:Question about m68k-coff gcc-lib and newlib?

How can I disable the default libgloss for arm when linking!

How does newlib support ARM

How does one use ULONG_LONG_MAX or ULLONG_MAX in newlib function?

How to compiler newlib for dynamic library

How to configure newlib's libm as software floating version!

How to test newlib on my own platform?

how to unsubscribe

how to use gcc with newlib?

how to use newlib to link (mips)

How to use newlib(mips)

I can't install newlib-1.9.0

I'm confused about the usage of crt0.s in newlib.


ieeefp.h and arm

illegal alias attribute vs ia64 asm_output_labelref

Re: isspace() & i18n

jmr3904 build problem

LargeFile Support in Cygwin/Newlib

LC_MESSAGES definition in newlib/libc/include/locale.h



libgloss problem

libgloss support for arm

libgloss test programs for m68k

libm strange errors in newlib 1.9.0!

Licensing Issues?

link problem

link problem (powerpc-elf)

Re: linking newlib (libc.a crt0.o) for powerpc-ibm-eabi target on i686-pc-cygwin host

linking newlib (libc.a crt0.o) for powerpc-ibm-eabi target on i686-pc-cygwinhost

Linking problem

lock/unlock in newlib

m32r-elf libgloss problem in newlib 1.9.0

mails crossed sorry for forwarding the same


math bug

Math Lib for MIPS

mblen(NULL,x) bug

Mensaje de Hernan

Minor nit

Mips optimized versions of strlen, strncpy, strcmp

Mips patch to honor -mfp32

mips-elf cross compiling need linux/xx.h?

mips64 setjmp/longjmp support

miscellaneous newlib patches

mktime.c patch

MMIX newlib port

MMIX port to be submitted, licensing issue

mouse pointer problem


Need information about multilib option of Newlib

New (fake) functions to support libstdc++-v3 on mn10300-elf

Newbie Porting Question

newlib & make versions

newlib 1.9 for strongarm

newlib and -mthumb-interwork

newlib and gmon

newlib and sparc-linux

newlib crt0.o problem: target=i386-elf host=i686-pc-cygwin

Newlib doubt

newlib ignored by top-level configure

newlib newbie wants to malloc

newlib printf %f BUG

newlib reentrancy question

Newlib thread features.

Re: Newlib's non-posix'ness [Re: KSH is pdksh]

Re: next porting question for gcj

Now do I add things to Libgloss?

Open Mode translation

PATCH : SH target fails on isnan() for m4-single-only

patch for dup() syscall on ppc simulator

patch for g++ -ansi for math.h

Patch to add MIPS64 version of setjmp() & longjmp()

Patch to allow programs run from kernel segment 0 on MIPS

Patch to support IEEE float variations

Patch: __stack_base__ for arm crt0

patch: mips16 and mips64 coexisting can't build setjmp.s

Patch: some extra defines


please help me

port for xstormy16

Port of Newlib/libgloss for 68HC11 and 68HC12

Porting uCsimm to Newlib?

Re: Possible (new) sscanf bug

Re: powerpc-eabism, strategy for finding crt0.o

printf %f bug (digits missing)

printf %lld != %ld when _NO_LONGLONG

printf problem

Problem with div (1.9.0, arm7tdmi)

Problems building newlib for arm-elf under cygwin

pthread issues resolved?


Question about library?

R: General information on Hitachi SH math performance

rand48 family of functions

read/write return type

Recent changes to newlib Makefiles break cygwin


Re: RTEMS and newlib 1.9.0

RTEMS patch for 1.9.0 and trunk

Security Problem ( Buffer Overflow) in newlib

SH is broken for isinf and isnan functions

SH: argc/argv initialization

SH: implement time()

something is missing while making newlib 1.9.0

Re: src/newlib/libc/machine/i386 f_atan2.S f_atan2 ...

The stdout always becomes line buffered mode.

strange libm errors (newlib 1.9)

strftime %W patch

strtoll, strtoull


SuperH DTF connection protocol

sys/reent.h and time.h


Thumb-interwork support by newlib

Time functions in newlib

trouble cross compiling newlib (1.9.0) from linux to cygwin

ualarm() does not conform to

undefined errno on targets with MALLOC_PROVIDED

undefined reference in libm.a (__gtsf2,__ltsfw,__lesf2,__eqsf2,__nesf2...)

undefined reference to `end' in function _sbrk

undefined reference to `end'in function _sbrk

undefined references?

undefined to '__error' after disable libgloss(systemcalls) for arm!

Unreviewed patch - C99 integer type sizes for limits.h

Updated headers (take 2)

useconds_t and RTEMS

vfscanf in newlib


Web Promotion

what happened to COPYING.newlib in the tarball?

Where's IPC ?

Why doesn't the standard gcc compile newlib 1.9.0

winsup for newlib 1.9.0

winsup problem

without angel, just the simulator

X_OK redefinition protection for Cygwin.

Your last commit to newlib ...


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