Get that Linux feeling - on Windows

This document explains a few Cygwin-specific acronyms you may see on the Cygwin mailing-lists.

Note that this is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of all possible acronyms. If you can't find the acronym you're looking for here, try another acronym resource, like The Canonical Acronym List or

Cygwin Acronyms

BLODA Big List Of Dodgy Apps. A list of applications that interfere with the normal working of Cygwin by intrusively injecting themselves in the system call chain. First used on the list by Dave Korn.
BWAM Because We Are Mean. A variation of WJM used in answering the "Why isn't something working the way I think it should be?" type of question. Follows the MSFTEU Cygwin philosophy. First used on the list by Sam Edge
GTG Good To Go. Used mostly on the cygwin-apps mailing list to indicate that a package is ready to be included in the Cygwin distribution. Coined by Daniel Reed
ITA Inten[d|t] To Adopt. Used on the cygwin-apps mailing list to indicate the intent to adopt an orphaned package already in the Cygwin distribution. Usually followed by the package name. Adopting a package gets an automatic gold star. See also ITP
ITP Inten[d|t] To Package. Used on the cygwin-apps mailing list to indicate the intent to provide a new package. Usually followed by the package name. See also ITA
IWFM It Works For Me. Also WFM (or WJFFM for extra emphasis).
MSFTEU Maximum Surprise For The End User. Coined by Christopher Faylor. Very appropriate, as Cygwin runs on Microsoft Windows™. See also BWAM and WJM
PGA Patches Gratefully Accepted. See also PTC. See also SHTDI.
PTC Patches Thoughtfully Considered. See also PGA. See also SHTDI
SHTDI Somebody Has To Do It. Introduced by Christopher Faylor. See also PTC
STC Simple Test Case. First used on the list by Ronald Landheer-Cieslak.
TOFU Text Over, Full-quote Under (or, in the original German, "Text Oben, Fullquote Unten"). A combination of top posting and full quoting, which makes the messages hard to read (according to RFC 1855). Often combined with raw e-mail addresses in quoted messages.
WFM Works For Me. Also IWFM (or WJFFM, for extra emphasis)
WJFFM Works Just Fine For Me. As in "Nope, can't reproduce this here". Yet another way of saying "We're Just Frighteningly Freaking Mean" (or insert your favorite F-words here). First used on the list by Christopher Faylor. Also IWFM and WFM
WJM We're Just Mean. See also BWAM
3PP 3rd Party Perverts. People making others' lives difficult by using Cygwin in weird ways and having their products depend on that. Acronym coined by Christopher Faylor, after a phrase in Brian Dessent's message