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CVS libstdc++-v3 encounters make assertion

Hello all. Apologies if this is a known bug, but I did not find a
reference to it anywhere in the archives. (I did see some posts from
Mumit with patches that are now in the libstdc++-v3 tree.)

Using the Cygwin release one CD, I checked out the CVS sources to v-3
and tried to do a configure/make. Everything goes pretty smoothly,
then I get an error in make, as follows:

/bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link gcc  -g -O2  -o   filedoalloc.lo
nv.lo genops.lo fileops.lo iovfprintf.lo iovfscanf.lo ioignore.lo
iopadn.lo iofg
etpos.lo iofread.lo iofscanf.lo iofsetpos.lo iogetdelim.lo ioprintf.lo
.lo ioseekpos.lo outfloat.lo strops.lo iofclose.lo iopopen.lo
ioungetc.lo peekc.
lo iogetc.lo ioputc.lo iofeof.lo ioferror.lo stdfiles.lo cleanup.lo
 ioprims.lo iostrerror.lo filedoalloc.c floatconv.c genops.c fileops.c
f.c iovfscanf.c ioignore.c iopadn.c iofgetpos.c iofread.c iofscanf.c
 iogetdelim.c ioprintf.c ioseekoff.c ioseekpos.c outfloat.c strops.c
iopopen.c ioungetc.c peekc.c iogetc.c ioputc.c iofeof.c ioferror.c
stdfiles.c cl
mkdir .libs
ar cru .libs/libio.a  filedoalloc.o floatconv.o genops.o fileops.o
iovfscanf.o ioignore.o iopadn.o iofgetpos.o iofread.o iofscanf.o
iofsetpos.o iog
etdelim.o ioprintf.o ioseekoff.o ioseekpos.o outfloat.o strops.o
iofclose.o iopo
pen.o ioungetc.o peekc.o iogetc.o ioputc.o iofeof.o ioferror.o
stdfiles.o cleanu
p.o iogetline.o ioprims.o iostrerror.o
ranlib .libs/libio.a
(cd .libs && rm -f && ln -s ../
make[2]: Leaving directory
Making all in src
assertion "*p2 != '\0'" failed: file "/src/make/read.c", line 866
    0       0 [sig] C:\Cygwin\bin\make.exe 7293 stackdump: Dumping stack
trace t
o make.exe.stackdump

Hmmm. Is this a known problem? 


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