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'date' command in Cygwin

(ads)Targeted 775,000 ads and get free 56K modem!

Re: (B20 suffers under WIN NT FixPack 4 (see below) ______________ WG : failure notice

Re: (B20 suffers under WIN NT FixPack 4 (see below) ______________ WG : failure notice

(B20 suffers under WIN NT FixPack 4 (see below) ______________ WG: failure notice


/bin/sh (Was: getopts problem)

/include works


0x1a bug - its not just awk


Rp.: Re: Building C++ library DLL


[ANN] binutils-2.9.4-19991107 for Cygwin b20.1

[ANN] GCC-2.95.2 binaries for Cygwin b20.1

[ANN] GCC-2.95.2 binaries for Mingw32

[ANN] Insight 1999-11-01 binaries for Cygwin b20.1

[ANN] Perl5.005_62 for cygwin-b20.1

[FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

RE: [FIXED] Symbolic links & RCS

RE: [NOT FIXED] Symbolic links & RCS -- READ IT!

_impure_ptr error mesage

About DLL

about IPC functions implemented in cugnus

Activities in Berlin, Germany?

Add path to environment

Advance warning: Bash2.04

ANN: das blinkenlights 0.0.1 cygwin distro

ANN: login.exe for Domain-Logins [was Re: Domain Logins from an NT workstation]

ANN: login.exe for NT domains on

ANSI compliance problem

Article on Cygwin 1.0

Re: Article on Cygwin 1.0 -- discount still available

Assembler errors, BFD assertion

assembler to run on WinNT


b19 versus b20

B20(latest): Date Error (Y2K?)

B20.1: can't open serial port /dev/com10

B20.1: Cat-to-screen bug in bash shell (Win 95).

B20.1: redirection gives corrupt bzip2-files

B20.1: socket functions always blocking?

B20: bash does not like CRLF on stdin

B20: dev-src error

B20: Permission denied on stdout(/dev/null)

FW: Bash and $(date)

bash window timeout?

Bind, sendmail etc -- some porting news

Bug report -- gcc-2.95

Building C++ library DLL

Building cygwin32_ipc-1.03 for v1.0 - questions about v1

building self-extracting Java EXE's; setting icons

Call a Dll

Can't compile simple C++ file

cc1.exe in Cygwin v 1.0 doing coredump

Checking Order Status?

command line globbing

compiling help

Compiling RPM 3.0.3

compiling sources for muffin

Configure fails on gdb build

Configure not finding autoconf & automake

configure settings

crypt command

CVS libstdc++-v3 encounters make assertion

CVS server on WinNT.


CygWin & GnuPro/SourceNavigator

Cygwin 1.0 CD

cygwin binaries without cygwin1.dll -- is it possible?

Cygwin CD

Cygwin CD special offer still available

cygwin configuration and registry

CYGWIN environment var

cygwin mail list, viruses and attachments

cygwin on 95 slower than NT

Cygwin roundtable discussion at

Cygwin select + sockets from DLL

Cygwin system header files

Cygwin V1.0 and Win95/98

cygwin without an install?


RE: ddd

DLL that does not use cygwin ?

DLL's and environ again

Dlls @n symbols in Sybase

document converter for unix and win32.

Domain Logins from an NT workstation

dsp emulation

Eastwood Recommends Vol. 7.


RE: editors

Re: Editors

environment space

Errors in documentation of Cygwin CD 1.0

Extra Boldening ofText in Man Screen Displays

A few utilities etc

Files fixed.

ftp site access

g++ query

g77 -v installation problem

GCC 2.95-2

GCC 2.95.2 + C++ + -pg = ?

gcc bug relating to __declspec(dllimport)?

gcc/g77/gcj 2.95.2 for cygwin CD 1.0?

gcj with cygwin ?

gdb4.18 make stops at link


Gencat for Cygwin

Get Paid to be online!! Thats it!

getopts problem

Glaux.dll not found -using MinGw

GNUPro (cygwin-native) vs. Cygwin v1.0

GNUPro Subscription


Gtk test program working with Cygwin

GUI for Cygwin/Mingw32

Help compiling TCL 8.0.3 with GCC-2.95.2 Upgrade

Help to translate

RE: Help!

Help! Can't get B20 to build

How do I UNMOUNT '/' mount point?

How to build OpenSSL 0.9.4 ?

how to run an x application

Re: HOWTO build GCC-2.95.2 on Cygb20.1 [Re: Newbie: problems building gcc 2.9...

HOWTO build GCC-2.95.2 on Cygb20.1 [Re: Newbie: problems building gcc 2.95.2]

Re: HOWTO build GCC-2.95.2 on Cygb20.1 [Re: Newbie: problemsbuilding gcc 2.9...

Huge binary size!

I want to run SDCC on windows95

iconized windows or not with system command

include path


info files

RE: info files [OOPS!]

inputrc and bash_history


Installation problems.

Interupt call with cygwin

Invalid page fault from cpp under Win 98




Java Support


joe- or any editor !!!!

LANG, LC_ALL etc under Win98

ld behaving strangely?

LessTif 0.89.4 for Cygwin


Re: Link f77 (g77) with gcc

Linking problems with templates.

a little problem

Long Path Name troubles

lp/lpr for cygwin?

mail flowing?

Make in gcc-2.95.2-msvcrt redux

Make problem in gcc-2.95.2-msvcrt?


man pages


RE: mingw32 DLL getting main args?

mkpasswd -d error

More Cygwin 1.0 CD

More DLL and global var problems

more problems with gprof

mount help

Multiple .dll refs from one .a? (libvfw32)



Need pointer to sources for Windows "rxvt"

Newbi: Where is/how to create the UsersGuide in HTML ?

Newbie: problems building gcc 2.95.2

newbie: Why Cygwin/Egcs compiled executable is so bloated

Newlib 1.8.1 problem: strcat causes bus address error

nt sshd problems for newbie

ntsec: What am I doing wrong?

On Win95, ESC switches focus to next window

One problem with "mkfifo"

OpenGl - Simple Example - Header Files

OpenGl- How is the author of the Libs?

openGl-Headers not in mingw-2.95.2


ORBS test pls disregard

out in inline assembly

Performance of g77 in Cygwin CD

perl prog that writes a windows .bat file that recreates mounts

RE: FW: permissions


PostgreSQL anybody ported it ?

Printable documentation

Re: printer

Problem URGENT with the argument F_SETOWN in the function fcntl

Problem using Cygwin tools with perl's CPAN module

Re: problem using gcc 2.95.1

problem with bash on cygwin cd

problem with cygnus B20

problem with cygwin: help me please

Problem with Here Document and Temp files in BASH

Problem with tar

Problems with Mingw and DLL

Problems with Stabs in DLLs

Q: Install snapshot 22.11 and gcc-2.95.2

Q: Secure VNC port forwarding in SSHD

Q: SSHD keeps failing to open PTY

Q: SSHD shell exits immediately? (was: SSHD keeps failing to open PTY)

question about pgcc-2.95-cygwin-v-1.tar.gz

rcs 5.7


Fw: Red Hat buying Cygnus?

Red Hat Buys Cygnus

RedHat acquisition of Cygnus???

Repeat: X applications only work for Administrator

resolving symbolic links

rxvt and less: the answer


Semicolor seperator in Perl system() command under WinNT

Shared Libraries

SharedX support under WindowsNT

small Patch for readline-4.0

snprintf() in cygwin.

FW: so sorry.

Solution to DLLWRAP problem in Cygwin v1.0 CD


Specifying a base address

sstream header file

Standalone C programs with matlab engine

Static Lib containing WinMain Problem

strchr bug?

Symbolic links & RCS

Sys V IPC and Cygwin

sys/socket.h problem


tcgetattr(0, &T) fails on redirection


This is about JNI

Tools for JNI

TR: Problem with the argument F_SETOWN in the function fcntl

Trouble linking against vendor supplied DLL.

Trouble with RCS and SAMBA

Unable to Type Lower Case e in the Bash Window

undefined references

UPD: GNUWin32 package report

Upgrading from cygwin 19 to 20.1

Using Nt LPR with Cygwin

Version info.

Visa/Mastercard Online Processing!


Weird path duplication for shell scripts?

Re: What are these cd errors?

what directory to untar snapshot into?

what is pre-Cygwin B21?

What Turbo Vision version ?

Where to get Cygwin user's manual? (.ps or .dvi)

RE: Wierd perl problem..

Will there ever be a new free release?

Re: Win 2000

RE: FW: Win32 XServer

windows.h breaks ObjC ?

windres and CONTROL object

windres within mingw32

Workaround for virtual function/dllimport bug, also patch guidance request

X applications only work for Administrator

X11 and shared libs again

X11 for cygwin CD 1.0

X11 include files with Cygwin V1.0

X11R6.x libs

Xfree diffs

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