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RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Jones []
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 10:49 PM
Subject: RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

Okay, I'm sure of what caused this now.  The Makefile look something like

#--begin Makefile--- 
include $(DEVDIR)/Makefile.mstr 
#--end Makefile--- 

DEVDIR is defined in the environment.  ANOTHERVAR however is defined in the
included makefile.  I thought make was supposed to try to do full expansion
on a second read of the makefile?  Seems to have worked before.  

In fact make is suppose to expand SOMEVAR only when it sees $(SOMEVAR), so
yo u only have to be sure that ANOTHERVAR is set before trying to use
SOMEVAR. However be careful: if SOMEVAR is used in a dependency (either
target or dependant part), it will be expanded as soon as it is seen.



Bernard Dautrevaux
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