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RE: Weird behavior when using "-I" with gcc-2.95.2

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Fontenot Larry A DLVA wrote:

> Well that was very interesting.  Everything compiles just fine on the local
> hard disk when using the "-I ./".  So then I tried my H:\ drive.  That is a
> drive I have mapped from a WinNT server.  Once again, everything works just
> fine.  So then I went to my I:\ drive, which is a Sun Solaris file server
> using SunLink software to emulate a WinNT server.  That is when I start
> having problems.  Apparently, gcc is seeing something differently when
> compiling on my I:\ drive.  Should I try to use strace at this point to find
> out what the difference might be?

Normally I'd blame inode generation on remote drives, but that's not it
since I've turned off inode based path lookup optimization in gcc.

It does look like a problem with Cygwin interaction with SunLink (I know
nothing of this software). Now that we know where the problem lies, we
should try to isolate it by writing the shortest possible testcase. Maybe
a problem with `stat' on SunLink server?

I suppose the strace output may be a good place to start. It's going to be
large, so do compress the output using gzip before posting. Hopefully the
Cygwin gurus can take over and solve this mystery.

I'm gone till early next week, so can't be of any help till then.


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