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[My fix] Cygwin ssh client and X11 forwarding

I've been working on this all morning and saw several questions related to
this subject.  Thought I'd let you all know what I found.

My installation of Cygwin (cygwin1.dll 1.3.3 with a build date of 2001-09-12
23:54) did not have a /etc/ssh_config.    I stole the /etc/ssh/ssh_config
from my Debian installation and now it works without the -X, $DISPLAY stuff.

BTW when X11 Forwarding wasn't working it seemed that using 'export
DISPLAY:' seemed to work, but when I checked the ports in use
in noticed that the connection back from my machine was on prot 6000.  Ssh
forwarding was not working.

P.S. Here is my ssh_config:
#       $OpenBSD: ssh_config,v 1.10 2001/04/03 21:19:38 todd Exp $

# This is ssh client systemwide configuration file.  See ssh(1) for more
# information.  This file provides defaults for users, and the values can
# be changed in per-user configuration files or on the command line.

# Configuration data is parsed as follows:
#  1. command line options
#  2. user-specific file
#  3. system-wide file
# Any configuration value is only changed the first time it is set.
# Thus, host-specific definitions should be at the beginning of the
# configuration file, and defaults at the end.

# We turn ForwardAgent and ForwardX11 on for localhost
Host localhost
  ForwardAgent yes
  ForwardX11 yes

# Site-wide defaults for various options

Host *
  ForwardAgent yes
  ForwardX11 yes
#   RhostsAuthentication no
#   RhostsRSAAuthentication yes
#   RSAAuthentication yes
#   PasswordAuthentication yes
#   FallBackToRsh no
#   UseRsh no
#   BatchMode no
  CheckHostIP no
#   StrictHostKeyChecking yes
#   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/identity
#   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_dsa
#   IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
#   Port 22
#   Protocol 2,1
#   Cipher blowfish
#   EscapeChar 

Jim Roberts
Senior Systems Engineer
ProTrader Securities Corp.

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entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential or otherwise
sensitive privileged PROTRADER(R) business and/or financial information. If
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delete the message in its entirety.


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