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Bug Report: wrong file size displayed in bash for files over 2Gb (Windows 2k, Cygwin


First, thanks for all your great product, it is really helpful in my
everyday life of developer!

I checked in the FAQs and mailing list archives and did not find the bug,
please ignore if I was blind enough to bypass it!

Here is my problem: I created a file using the following command from a
cygwin bash window:

	rsh -n -l user hostname dd if=/dev/rmt/0m bs=20b  > tape.tar

This command does nothing else than dumping the content of the tape drive of
the given remote system to the standard output, then redirects the standard
output into the file "tape.tar". it executes perfectly but "bash" seems to
be confused to display the file size (probably because > 2Gb).
I attached the output of both a "cmd.exe" window and the cygwin bash window.

Thanks for your help!


------------ cmd window output ------------------
C:\cygwin\home\Administrator>dir tape.tar
 Volume in drive C is E-Client
 Volume Serial Number is XXX-XXXX

 Directory of C:\cygwin\home\Administrator

01/15/2002  01:47p       2,881,792,000 tape.tar
               1 File(s)  2,881,792,000 bytes
               0 Dir(s)   4,499,286,016 bytes free

------------ Cygwin bash window output ------------------
Administrator@SERVER ~
$ ls -l tape.tar
-rw-r--r--    1 Administ None     18446744072296376320 Jan 15 13:47 tape.tar

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