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RE: DLL And Visual Basic


> Third - you called your test function from within Form_Load. This will
> only
> (normally) run once for any particular form. So, I added a button to
> your
> form, and moved "i = doit(100)" into the new Button1_Click function.
> Works perfectly for me...

I had placed it in Form_Load for quick testing, but this in fact was the
cause of the problem (although I'm not sure why, but that's not Cywin's
problem).  Seems to me that I've run into this before, but figured my
current problem was my lack of knowledge of compiling dll's under Cygwin.

> You might try compiling to an .EXE and running that, instead of running
> inside the VB debugger...

Many thanks for your comments and suggestions.  Once taken out of Form_Load
it worked fine in both development mode and EXE no matter how many times I
made the call.

Best Regards,

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