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Re: Unable to locate Cygintl.dll

=========================================== Monday, 21 January 2002,
10:59:32 +0100, Marino Stramare wrote:

s> Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:59:32 +0100
s> From: Marino Stramare <Marino dot Stramare at brussels dot sema dot slb dot com>
s> Subject: Unable to locate Cygintl.dll 

s> Hello,
s> After installation of last cygwin packages,  when I start vim, I receive an 
s> "unable to locate dlll cygintl.dll" message. That file foes not exit.
s> Thanks for help
s> Marino Stramare

I have the same problem under Windows XP Home, current patch list.
Unfortunately, I got no help from the followup posting:  gettext
0.10.40-1 does not include cygintl.dll, nor do any of the libintl
libraries in gettext 0.10.40-1 appear to help.  cygintl.dll is included
in gettext 0.10.38-2. Since, my cygwin install is virgin on this OS
config and is complete and current as of this evening, is this an
inadvertent omission in the complete list for gettext?  The issue is
important because of the vim dependency on cygintl.dll.

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