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Re: perl & textmode mounts

Am 22 Jan 2002 um 23:41 hat Jörg Schaible geschrieben:

>there seems still an issue concerning textmode mounts and perl.

This will be resolved in the next Perl release (5.8) where Perl uses its
own IO (perlio).

> a trailing \cM. My perl script itself is in a directory mounted in
> textmode.

Please use binmode for the files (scripts) and the mounts.

>I used the Perl debugger to locate the problems:
>According to "perldoc -f binmode" I should be able to set textmode manually using
>binmode( $in_fh, ":crlf" );
>directly after the open command. I modified accordingly. Unfortunately
>this had no effect either. I assume the Perl build does not know about
>running in Windows, so it ignores binmode() totally as documented.

binmode() is not ignored on Cygwin.  Cygwin is not Win32!
Basically spoken: Perl on Cygwin works only correct if the files you are
working with are in binmode and if you do it on binmode mounts.
E.g. pod2html fails on textmode pods, regardless which type the mounts are.

>Only if I save my perl script in Unix format (on the textmode mount !!) it works
>as expected! Unfortunately *this* will scramble the checkin/checkout with
> CVS :(

Huh?  I thought there are some problems using CVS with textmode files, but
not with binmode?

>Since the Perl sources are quite big - has anybody a clue where to start looking
>for this bug ?

Hmmm, there is this flag in perl.h, look for CYGWIN in perl.h, I tried to
debug why it doesn't work as expected, but I didn't found the bug :(


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