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SSHD problems on Windows 2000 Professional

I am running the latest version (as of minutes ago) of Cygwin and
encountered problems of SSHD. I did not found answer in latest posts.

I used ssh-host-config to set up sshd. I installed sshd as service and used
the default "CYGWIN=binmode tty ntsec". While it started perfectly for the
first time and was completely usable, the service even refused to stop. I
had to kill sshd.exe in task manager. And then it would not work until the
next boot.

I tried starting sshd from inetd. It was even worse. When I connected to it
from a remote box, there was no response at all. And then sshd.exe hung.
Stopping the service inetd would not stop sshd.exe. I could not even kill
it. I had to reboot the W2k box.

I also tried sshd.exe directly from Cygwin Bash. I would see the prompt for
password on a remote box when connecting to it, but the password could not
be accepted. It always reports "Permission denied".

Any help? (Reply to me, please.)

Thanks and best regards,

Wu Yongwei

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