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Re: New setup.exe and crashes

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From: "John P. Rouillard" <>

> >I've uploaded a new setup.exe that shouldn't crash on *anything*. If
> >have time please give it a shot.
> I have successfully used it to download and install openssh from
> with WinNT 4.0SP5. With the previous setup
> snapshot that url caused a crash.


> Also it looks like the new setup has a nice feature and can update in
> use binaries (I was using ssh at the time of the successful update
> above). However I can't find the registry entry that is used to move
> the new ssh.exe on top of the old one at (re-)boot time. So exactly
> how does the new install do its magic?

"Any sufficiently advanced technol...." :]. The source is your guide,
but essentially itjust calls MoveFileEx with the correct flags on NT,
and on 9x creates a .ini file to tell windows to do the copies at boot

> I had gotten used to having updates on running packages fail, might it
> be a good idea to offer an option "Update running programs (requires
> reboot)" in one of the screens. That way we could safely update the
> packages we aren't using without having to reboot.

Yes, there is more to do here - a list of what programs are in use and
the ability to wait for them to be closed would also be useful :}.
Patches gratefully accepted, meanwhile we are making progress.

> Actually this begs the question, what happened when install failed due
> to in use binaries?

Before? You got left with the old binary (couldn't be deleted) and no
package, or sometimes the new package files with one old file. Rather
bad behaviour IMO.

> Did it clean up after itself and reinstall the old
> files, or was I left with a mix of file versions after the failed
> update? I never had any problems after a failed update, so I always
> assumed that it cleaned up and backed out the updated files. Was I
> wrong?

Very very wrong :}. It just failed. The resilience you saw is a credit
to Cygwin and the packages - it could have been much worse :}.


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