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Re: apache cygwin package hangs when MaxRequestsPerChild reached!

Hi Christopher,

"Christopher B. Liebman" schrieb:
> It seems that there is a bug somewhere in the server pool handling in apache
> under cygwin, When MaxRequestsPerChild is reached it hangs!  Repeat by
> setting MaxRequestsPerChild to 5 and making sequental requests...  the 6'th
> times out.  I'm running the latest cygwin and the cygwin apache package.  My
> server pool config is:
> MinSpareServers 4
> MaxSpareServers 10
> StartServers 5
> MaxClients 150
> MaxRequestsPerChild 5
> Anyone have any ideas?

the "hanging" problem is known. Unfortunatly we couldn't yet locate
the problem. This is a good hint and I will try to grap this up and
continue on investigating why the child does not die after the

Thanks a lot for the information.

BTW, have you checked the source and see what "should" happen with the
child when MaxRequestsPerChild is reached?

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