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Re: Problem with accept?!! (was: Re: apache cygwin package hangs when MaxRequestsPerChild reached!)

Hi Christopher,

"Christopher B. Liebman" schrieb:
> Ok, after some investigation I am starting to think that the issue is with
> the behavior of accept().  When the apache main forks off its pool of worker
> procs, each one calls accept() on the socket file descriptor.  What I have
> found is that when the first process in the pool exits (usually due to the
> max requests being reached) ***none*** of the other pool process return from
> accept() when the next request comes in on the socket.  If I kill off the
> current pool procs the *first* new one will respond to requests untill the
> max is recieved again then as before, non of the other pool procs return
> from accept.  Any ideas on how to deal with this?

ok, this is a pretty good description of the problem I guess.

Let's ask Corinna, Chris et al for their explanation if something in
the accept() behaviour *inside* Cygwin changed from 1.3.10+ ?!?!?!?

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