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RE: Rsync / SSH / Cygwin .. permission problems..

On Sat, 31 May 2003, Lapo Luchini wrote:

> Can you give some more detail about the CygWin installation? Whetherver you
> use ntsec, release number of cygwin and rsync... (to
> include al this you can attach the output of 'cygcheck -s')
On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Oswell, Michael wrote:

> >From cygcheck -s ;
> [inline cygcheck output snipped]


In the future, please do not include the cygcheck output inline.  Since it
contains *all* the package names, it produces false positive hits on the
archive searches for *any* package, and makes it that much harder to find
relevant messages.  Attaching the cygcheck output as an uncompressed text
attachment is the preferred method for making this list aware of your
system configuration (as indicated in <>).
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