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CPAN module Filesys::CygwinPaths uploaded today

Hello Cygwinauts,

Experimental perl extension module (platform &  architecture -specific)
"Filesys::CygwinPaths" has been uploaded to CPAN within the last few
minutes. Over the next several hours (up to one day at least in some
cases depending on "Factors Beyond Our Control(TM)") the file should be
propogating to CPAN mirrors around the world (gulp).

Although the new version just uploaded is release 0.04, there are no
changes to the API or functionality of the module itself. This version
bump is necessitated by the need to increment a release on CPAN, the
need to re-upload in turn is necessitated by the presence in the
previous release (0.03) of a "build-bug" that probably prevented
everyone using CPAN to install the module, from doing so. Thanks for the
report on that, Gerrit, and apologies for it taking months to fix this.

Cosmetic changes of small sorts have also been made for this release.

As an aside doubtless of major interest to no-one at all,
Filesys::CygwinPaths has now been put under CVS by me (its author) and
this shows beyond question (g) how serious I am about this tool becoming
majorly useful, nay, indispensible, for everyone using Perl on Cygwin
;-). This means that if a user, say, on this List finds a bug and
submits a patch, I am far more likely now to be doing something about
this week instead of next year.

To find the installation archive look somewhere around the vicinity of:


(For those to whom this is news, "unregistered" in the URI above means
that the namespace for this module hasn't been submitted yet for
approval by TPTB at CPAN.).

Filesys::CygwinPaths is a collection of Perl functions (xs subroutines)
providing access to the Cygwin internal API for "translating" file paths
between the various "modes" relevant on Cygwin systems. The internal
Cygwin functions are the same as those accessed on the shell command
line by using the `cygpath(1)' command included in Cygwin (but the Perl
interface does not implement all the available internal functions,
rather just a subset). Emphasis has been placed on relative simplicity
and ease of use (and the jury remains completely out on that, since I've
received basically zero feedback on the module thus far, since its
release last year).

Please see the module POD (Perl Plain Old Documentation) which will be
installed as a manpage (or `perldoc ...') at install-time, for more
detailed information.

   Soren Andersen  <somian -AT- pobox -DOT- com>

See my OpenPGP key at
GnuPG public key fingerprint  | "Only when efforts to reform society have as
 BD26 A5D8 D781 C96B 9936     |  their point of departure the reformation of
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they lead us with certainty to a world of lasting peace and true human security."
                                -- Daisaku Ikeda

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