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[Fwd: Re: NTsec permissions issue over inet]

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Bruce Dobrin wrote:
YIKES!!!!! There it is, and right there in the users guide no less....
not only that, but in a section I've actually read a number of
times!!!!!..... Well, that does explain almost everything that is going on
( though, it seems to have gotten even tighter since the 1.3.12 release
that allows me to access net drives if I specify a passwd during rlogin( as
mentioned below)). The perl script is actually running as a service; as a
user with net access rights.
I hate to ask this without looking at the inetd/xinetd code first: But is
there any chance that context switching will be "fixed" to allow net access
too someday?

Not without some mechanism to provide the password to Windows, no.  If
someone would like to take this statement as a challenge and provide an
alternate solution, please do. :-)

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746

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