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Re: [ANNOUNCE] LibXML2 (2.5.7) test packages available

Hi Elfyn,

xmllint works fine for me. I tested it with the following options:

$ xmllint -noout -valid -catalogs Specification.xml

not specifying -catalogs or specifying -dtdvalid <URL> fetches the DTD from the given URL, as expected. Without the -valid option, only the well-formedness is checked. And without the -noout option, xmllint outputs the result tree to stdout. Validity and well-formedness errors are reported if present. My document is of medium size (~400k). I haven't tested any of the other options.

Now I'm looking forward for an updated xsltproc, cause that was what wasn't compatible with the latest XSL stylesheets.

Good work!


I have uploaded test packages for LibXML2 version 2.5.7 to . The LibXML2 source and binary packages *should* be available on most mirrors by the beginning of next week. The source package does not *yet* contain a patch file; for some reason (me being tired?) `diff' was thinking the entire source package had changed, only the configury has changed, however.

Please test the library as much as possible, as I'd like to get this update "out there" ASAP. If you find any problems/Cygwin related bugs, please let me know on the list (

Updated packages for LibXSLT are to follow.


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