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Re: [ANNOUNCE] LibXML2 (2.5.7) test packages available

> Hi Elfyn,
> xmllint works fine for me. I tested it with the following options:
> $ xmllint -noout -valid -catalogs Specification.xml
> not specifying -catalogs or specifying -dtdvalid <URL> fetches the DTD
> from the given URL, as expected. Without the -valid option, only the
> well-formedness is checked. And without the -noout option, xmllint
> outputs the result tree to stdout. Validity and well-formedness errors
> are reported if present. My document is of medium size (~400k). I
> haven't tested any of the other options.

Cool, this sounds promising. Before I took over maintainership of LibXML2 I
did all of my xml stuff in php, and took this as an excuse to learn the API.
I have library called 'webauth' which I have just migrated to C, which uses
xml files that can be well over ~30MG, and it works perfectly. (although a
little slow) :-)

> Now I'm looking forward for an updated xsltproc, cause that was what
> wasn't compatible with the latest XSL stylesheets.

LibXSLT packages are on there way. I'm rebuilding/packaging right now, so
hopefully I'll have them out (test packages) today.

> Good work!
> Thanks,
> Patrick



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