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Re: rebase questions....


On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 12:37:27PM -0700, Christopher B. Liebman wrote:
> What are the rules for *when*

When you suffer from the Cygwin fork issue. [1]

> and on *what* to run rebase?

Minimally, you need to rebase all DLLs that will be loaded in the
application of interest.  Practically, this means to rebase your entire
system. [2]

> I know about the rebaseall script....  should I create my own local
> version of this that picks up *all* dlls in my local playpen?

No, you seem to be a candidate for running rebase directly.  Just create
a file containing the list of DLLs to rebase and pass it to rebase via
the "-T" option.  You may want to investigate rebaseall to see how it
finds all of the installed Cygwin DLLs.  Note that you have to pass all
DLLs to rebase in a single shot.

BTW, I would accept a patch to rebaseall that adds support for multiple
but optional "-T" options and a patch to rebase to accept multiple "-T"

> Do I need to include perl module .dlls?

Most likely.

> apache loadable modules?

Most likely.

> Is there a ruleset or guideline document on rebase?

See above ([1] and [2]) and the following:


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