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Observation - ntemacs + rcs + cygwin note (lowercase+uppercase userid workaround)

First off, I know this is slightly offtopic since it mentions a program
(ntemacs) which is not part of cygwin, but I figured I would just chime in
with a finding which may be potentially useful to cygwin users who use

I use ntemacs in preference to the cygwin /usr/bin/emacs, because of the
native gui. I have a cygwin wrapper that does "cygpath -w" to my cygwin path
names, and then passes the arg list to ntemacs. I found that on some
machines, ntemacs+rcs would behave very strangely. I would be asked to steal
the lock from "willisma" -- my userid. It worked fine on other machines.
This did not occur in cygwin /usr/bin/emacs by the way. 

I found that vc-user-login-name was returning "WILLISMA" but the rcs file
was locked by "willisma". Case sensitive comparison. Anyway, the simplest
workaround I found was to put a single line in my ntemacs script converting
USERNAME to the lowercase.

# - a cygwin wrapper for ntemacs
export USERNAME=`echo $USERNAME | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'`
for k in  $* ; do
     WNAMES="${WNAMES} `cygpath -w $k`"
/cygdrive/c/emacs-21.3/bin/runemacs.exe $WNAMES

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