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Looking for Package Donation HOW-TO

I'm attempting to find a HOW-TO on donating to the cygwin project.
Not having much luck tho.

I'd like to know what it takes to ...

a) update an existing package (fvwm for example. 2.4.7 is
current in cygwin, but 2.4.16 is officially the current
* I'd take on the role of maintainer, but only as far as
taking what is recently released and making it
compile/install in cygwin, I would leave the bug
fixing for the real package maintainers.
I'm a high intermediate skill level C/C++ programmer
with little to no experience in threads, X11, etc...
I am however a great Java developer. but that's useless
here. ;-)
b) creating a new package for submittal and approval.
* I have a working nethack 3.4.0 for example.
I think if we have vim and emacs,
we _need_ nethack too. ;-)

c) what the policy is on 'add-ons' to packages.
  things like mod_* for apache, or fvwm-themes scripts.

Any help, pointers, examples, *DOCS*, etc... would be appreciated.

/* joakim */

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