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Re: Looking for Package Donation HOW-TO

> I'm attempting to find a HOW-TO on donating to the cygwin project.
> Not having much luck tho.
> I'd like to know what it takes to ...
> a) update an existing package (fvwm for example. 2.4.7 is
>    current in cygwin, but 2.4.16 is officially the current
>    version).
>     * I'd take on the role of maintainer, but only as far as
>       taking what is recently released and making it
>       compile/install in cygwin, I would leave the bug
>       fixing for the real package maintainers.
>       I'm a high intermediate skill level C/C++ programmer
>       with little to no experience in threads, X11, etc...
>       I am however a great Java developer. but that's useless
>       here. ;-)

Not too sure who the maintainer is, but I doubt they'd look a gift horse in
the mouth. :-)

> b) creating a new package for submittal and approval.
>     * I have a working nethack 3.4.0 for example.
>       I think if we have vim and emacs,
>       we _need_ nethack too. ;-)

Take a look at <> for the "Cygwin Package
Contributor's Guide". It'll go through everything you'll need to know to
contribute a package.

> c) what the policy is on 'add-ons' to packages.
>    things like mod_* for apache, or fvwm-themes scripts.

IMO, If there's a base package it can have add-ons, as some packages already

> Any help, pointers, examples, *DOCS*, etc... would be appreciated.

There's the above link, the rest comes down to research. Try the cygwin-apps
archives (<>). It'd probably help if you
look at one of the threads where someone has offered foobar to the distro...


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