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Re: Path separator

--- Larry Hall <> wrote:
> Max is right (surprised Max? ;-) )  But I want to point out something
> else about what you've said.  If your main concern is paths, don't
> convert '/' to '\'.  Windows understands both under the hood. 
> (Cygwin
> does too but that's another matter).  However, this is the least of
> your problems as Max clearly states.

Yes, Max is right.  I hadn't thought about the difference between a
"native win32" environment vs. "from a DOS prompt on a system that has
Cygwin in its path" (I rarely, if ever, run in a "native win32"

I don't understand why we don't just get MSFT to ship cygwin1.dll... 

One last point: not all flavours of Windows that are targetted for
SWISH-E support the "/" vs. "\" (e.g. Win95/98).  At least, I don't
think they support it...but again, its been a long while since I've sat
in front of such a box.

Thanks for the info!

Greg Fenton

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