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Re: /usr/bin/find: . changed during execution of /usr/bin/find

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 04:05:52AM +0100, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
>> Alexander Enchevich wrote:
>> > Hi all
>> >
>> > This is the third time I am posting this problem and I got no response
>> > far so I am getting desperate. I guess next time I should try some
>> > subject like "help" or "question" - these seem to draw attention... :)
>> >
>> > Anyway here's the problem:
>> > ---------------------------------
>> > When I run 'updatedb' it exits immediately with this message:
>> > "/usr/bin/find: . changed during execution of /usr/bin/find"
>> >
>> > Output from  "cygcheck.exe -v -s -r -c" is  attached...
>> People aren't *required* to answer your posts you know.  This isn't a
>> paid support line.  If you don't get any responses, it's possible that
>> no one here has seen such a problem or can think of something relevant
>> to offer.  Sorry.  Them's just the breaks.
>> Looking at your cygcheck output, nothing obvious seems wrong.  I wasn't
>> able to reproduce your problem.  Perhaps the results of strace may point
>> you in the right direction for your diagnosis.
>[elfyn@ellixia sys]$ updatedb
>/usr/bin/find: ./.. changed during execution of /usr/bin/find
>I've had this problem a couple of times, when doing very large finds, but I
>just put it down to Windows. After adding a `set -x' at the top of the
>script it looks like it's failing in `/usr/sbin/frcode.exe'. What the hey,
>cygcheck output attached.

Aren't you the new maintainer of the package which includes updatedb?

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