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Re: Path Seperator

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 07:32:01AM -0400, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>Yes, but a program that was built to use Win32 would have a ';' in it's 
>path, even if it is run under Cygwin.

If you are using normal 'gcc' (without the -mno-cygwin option) to build
your program, you can't reliably check the environment via any method to
determine if you are "running under cygwin" or not.  If you are using a
-mno-cygwin compiled program then you should never see colons in the

You can't reliably use the PATH environment variable to determine
anything about how a program was started.

>-- You know, I didn't set a Reply-To so that when you did a Reply-All
>I would get the mail personally so that I could just reply to the mail.
>-- If you're going to remove all distribution components when
>responding, you might as well make the list forwarder set the Reply-To
>to the list, not that I'm in favor of it.  -- I would appreciate that
>the email distribution remain intact.  --

The cygwin mailing list policy is that discussion stays on the list.
cc's are discouraged.  The mailing list software adds a
"Mail-Followup-To" field to the header automatically.

I've been using the 'list-reply' feature of mutt for many years and
adding a Reply-To automatically since that is *my* preference, as well
as the preference of many others here.  There was no "distribution
component" to your email.  You are not guaranteed a personal response to
a public mailing list message.

I've added you to the cc line for this message.  I'm not going to be
cc'ing everyone who sends email here, however.
Please use the resources at rather than sending personal email.
Special for spam email harvesters: send email to
and be permanently blocked from mailing lists at

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