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Re: Password not hidden

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 06:05:44PM +0000, Chuck wrote:
>I'm running an Oracle program called sqlplus.exe under cygwin and have 
>noticed a rather strange behaviour. Und cygwin, if you let it prompt you 
>for the password, it echoes the password back. Under the Windows command 
>line it does not. This started when I added the line "set CYGWIN=tty" to 
>the batch file that launches my cygwin ksh. I wanted that line do that ^Z 
>and ^D worked as they do in a unix ksh. Is there a setting that will give 
>me both unix control character behaviour and hide the password while it's 
>being entered? I've looked for documentation on the CYGWIN variable and 
>have only found a couple of lines at
>Thanks in advance.

Since sq1plus is not a cygwin program, it doesn't fully understand cygwin
tty's.  So, it doesn't realize that it should be turning off echoing since
cygwin tty's are just represented as pipes to non-cygwin aware programs.

I doubt that there is anything you can do to rectify this behavior other
than to make some kind of wrapper for sq1plus which redirects stdin/stdout
to the console and then calls sq1plus.

Maybe something like:

sq1plus < /dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1

might work, but no guarantees.

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