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RE: latest version of vi messes up bash for me

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> Of Stephen Biggs
> Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2003 2:23 PM
> To:
> Subject: latest version of vi messes up bash for me
> Everything the latest from the mirror sites, Windows 98.
> Invoking vi from a working bash prompt, doing various editing tasks and
> then exiting back to the prompt by what ever means (:q, :q!, :wq), the
> keyboard now does not echo and the cursor does not move, except for CTRL-
> C.  "reset" works but the echo still does not show.
> I have to dismiss the bash prompt and invoke another one.

I too have very late stuff installed, and I do run thevery same installation
on both Win2K (more) and Win98SE (less now).

 I have no problems like yours when running vi (i.e. vim, as vi is a link to
vim). There is other minor nuicances though...

:!ls -l

 Doesn't handle LF's as it should. e.g, ls output is:

:!ls -l

E91: 'shell' option is empty
Hit ENTER or type command to continue

Hmm... Is that $SHELL ?
 I have a script, running from .profile, that examines the contents of
$SHELL and removes all of it if there is '' (DOS thing) in there
(leaving it there will cause startx to fail - Win98 specific problem).

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, 59~14'N, 17~12'E
 ~ <=> degree



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