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Re: Problems on accessing Windows network resources.

At 03:09 PM 6/8/2003 -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>If you log in without a password: according to the second paragraph of
><>, you
>cannot access network shares that require authentication from a
>passwordless login session.  There is no way to resolve this.  However,
>you should be able to authenticate using the "net use" command with a
>"/user" flag.
>The only change between login-1.7-1 and login-1.8-1 was that it switches
>the effective UID (user context) back to the privileged (system) account
>to access utmp (and then restores to the user's UID).  It may be that this
>happens too early, or that switching the UID back and forth affects the
>process's ability to access network shares.  A small testcase (the exact
>instructions on how to reproduce this) would be helpful.  Corinna or
>Pierre might give more insight here.

Coincidentally I was just looking at that. A side effect of switching to 
the system account is that the user access token obtained with a password 
is lost. A new password-less user token is then generated, but it doesn't 
allow as much access. I expect this problem to be fixed within a few days.

Actually I am attaching what should be a fix, but it's only tested on 
WinME. Feedback welcome. Compile as follows and mv the .exe to /bin
gcc login.c -o login -l crypt


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