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Re: PostgreSQL 7.3.2 restart issue


On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 08:57:47AM -0500, Ken Dibble wrote:
> Jason Tischler wrote:


> >PostgreSQL 7.3.2-1 may have been built against an older cygipc,
> >please try the latest version, PostgreSQL 7.3.3-1.  Does it work any
> >better for you?

> The problem appears to be related to a mismatch between cygipc
> versions and Postgresql versions.
> Here is what I believe to be accurate:
> Postgresql 7.3.2-1 works with cygipc 1.13 with the caveat of the 
> Fast-Switch problem
> Postgresql works with cygipc 1.14 with the caveat that it can 
> only be started once per WindowsOS boot.
> Postgresql 7.3.3-1 appears to work correctly with cygipc 1.14.

There was cygipc change between 1.13-1 and 1.13-2 that broke backwards
compatibility.  Specifically, the paths like "/tmp/cygipc0" changed to
"/tmp/cygipc_0".  I'm amazed that you got PostgreSQL 7.3.2-1 to work
with cygipc 1.14-1 at all.

> Thanks to both Larry Hall and Jason Tischler for getting me
> straightened out.

You are welcome.


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