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Re: Question regarding setup, upset and post install scripts

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Alan Miles wrote:

> All,
> I am running cygwin at work and at home. As I need to "customize" cygwin for
> each environment (i.e., one for work, one for home)
> I found a way to build "custom" packages, that I would like to integrate
> into my setup.
> Such customizations include:
> - For ** my ** environments - remove the space in the "passwd" files for a
> user name (I have posted messages on this list in the past regarding a more
> primitive version)
> - Adding Win32 CPAN support to perl (I have posted messages on this list in
> the past regarding patches)
> - I ** NEEDED ** a "-u" flag to jar (the cygwin versions says it is
> unsupported), so build a "wrapper" script to a "Windows" version (uses
> cygpath to do cygwin/Windows file name conversions) etc.
> To integrate these into my setup, I found information on this list regarding
> "upset", setup.hints etc.
> I have somewhat successfully got the setup.ini file working.
> However, my postinstall script is malfunctioning and I am trying to figure
> out how to debug it. When I run it ** AFTER ** cygwin has installed (not
> using my integration) the script works fine.
> How can I capture the output to a log file (via the setup) mechanism? I
> found these messages, but they haven't helped me too much. Any ideas?


The first one is outdated, but the second should still be relevant.  The
newer versions of setup.exe (including the one on the Cygwin homepage --
<>) should save the output of postinstall
scripts into /var/log/setup.log.full (both stdout and stderr).  Note that
if the script outputs nothing and commands simply return non-zero exit
codes, this fact won't be captured in setup.log.full, so you'll have to
at least set the '-x' flag.
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