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Re: non network install

B Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> I would be gratefull if you could help with the following problem:
> I am trying to make a CD so that cywin  binary/source can be installed
> from this CD. The reason being I only have a linux computer my friend
> only has a Windows XP. I have a fast internet connection , he has none.
> we finally did get his computer hooked up to my network and installed.
> However I would like to know how to do this still
> So I mirrored a cygwin ftp archive and burned them onto a CD. However when
> I try to install  from the CD I get the following two errors many, many
> times when the post-install scripts are running.
> 1) sed.exe : "The procedure entry point libintl_gettext could not be
located in
> the dynamic link library cygintl-2.dll" .
> 2) basename.exe : "The procedure entry point libintl_bindtextdomain
> could not be located in the dynamic link library cygintl-2.dll"
> Apparently as a result of these errors almost nothing works not even -
> ls, man , info ... etc.
> Since we have been trying to install almost the entire distro it is not
> possible that some thing is missing. If i am correct this particular
> library is provided by the gettext package which is being installed too.
> I also noticed oddly that setup.exe classifies packages into categories
> when I ran it on his computer , and did a network install but it lists
> all packages in one category "misc" when we tried to install from the CD
> i made. ????

You've missed the setup.ini file, which contains all the category and
dependency information.

Obviously you haven't installed the entire distribution, because
cygintl-2.dll is in the libintl2 package.


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