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Setup hangs between "create icons" and "postinstall" und

I downloaded the latest version of Setup (2.340.2.5) and have tried 
install it several times under Win ME 4.90.3000.  It always hangs at
the same point, right after "Create Icons", with the following 
in a DOS window:  "This program has performed an illegal 
operation and
will be terminated.  Quit all programs and then restart your
computer."  If I click on the "Details" box, all it gives me is "Fault
Location :   C000.0D66"    Restarting windows at this point and 
to run Cygwin gives the same message with a different "Fault 
:   C000.7A00"

At this point, if I check C:\cygwin\etc\postinstall, all the files
have .sh at the end, none have the .done.  C:\cygwin\var\log doesn't

I've tried the default install, the ALL install,  and the default + a
few packages.  Same results for all of them.  I've tried running setup
again over the top, same results.  I've tried deleting the whole thing
(directories, registry entries, Setup) and starting over, same

Any ideas or other things I should check?  
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Will Marsh

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