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Re: non network install

Here are the scripts I used, some explaination is also in another post
to this thread :

# Script to check the dependencies of packages in the Cygwin distribution
# The script needs the file CDindex.txt and depends.txt in the same
# directory as it is in, which must be the parent directory of the cywin
# distribution (i.e. the parent of the ftp directory of cygwin)
# The file CDindex.txt is created as described in duimage and the file
# depends.txt is created by "grep"ing through the setup.hints file in
# each packages directory and extracting lines with "requires" in them (some
# manual editing was necessary to fix bugs caused by non standard
# step.hints)
# The output of this helps identify dependency problems .
# USAGE: chkdepends [cd1 | cd2]
for item in `cat CDindex.txt | grep $1 | grep release | sed 's/^.*release\///'`
  echo "Dependencies of package  $item :"
  deps=`cat depends.txt | grep ^$item\: | sed 's/^.*requires\://'`
  for dep in $deps
      cd=`cat CDindex.txt | grep ^.*release/$dep$ | sed 's/\	.*$//'`
      echo "$dep - which is in $cd"
    echo -e "\n"
# Gives size of images of the Cygwin archive for CD burning
# This uses a file CDindex.txt with directory listings to which a first column
# has been added indicating the CD number to which the particular directory or
# file must belong.
# USEAGE : ./duimage CD-NUMBER
# Where CD-NUMBER may be any one of the numbers used in the first column of
# CDindex.txt; this is written confirming to regular expression cd? in order
# to be compatible with the provided scripts
# Depending on the format of the CDindex.txt file you may need to edit
# this script so that FILES is a single list of all directory entries whose
# image needs to be made.In particular the sed/grep script on the first
# line may# need to be changed. A good way to generate the CDindex.txt
# is to do
# du -hsc cygwin/* > CDindex.txt 
# in the parent of the directory to be archived i.e cygwin, and then edit it 
# to put in the first column specify CD number.

FILES=`cat CDindex.txt | grep "^$1" | sed 's/^.*cygwin\//cygwin\//'`
du -hsc $FILES
# Makes images of the Cygwin archive for CD burning
# This uses a file CDindex.txt with directory listings to which a first column
# has been added indicating the CD number to which the particular
# directory or file must belong.
# USEAGE : ./makeimage CD-NUMBER
# Where CD-NUMBER may be any one of the numbers used in the first column
# of CDindex.txt . This will make an ISO image containing all the directory
# entries# whose first column is the particular number i.e. cd? (regexp)
# Depending on the format of the CDindex.txt file you may need to edit
# this script so that FILES is a single list of all directory entries whose
# image needs to be made.In particular the sed/grep script on the first
# line may# need to be changed. A good way to generate the CDindex.txt
# is to do
# "du -hsc cygwin/* > CDindex.txt" in the directory to be archived, and
# then
# edit it to put in the first column specify CD number.

FILES=`cat CDindex.txt | grep "^$1" | sed 's/^.*cygwin\//cygwin\//'`
for file in $FILES
 IMAGES="$IMAGES $file=$file"
 echo $IMAGES
 DATE=`date +%d-%m-%Y-$1`
 mkisofs -ACygwin-$DATE -graft-points -hide-rr-moved -rJ -o cd.iso $IMAGES

*********SAMPLE: CDindex.txt and depends.txt files I generated**********
ELFIO:requires: cygwin
_update-info-dir:requires: texinfo ash
a2ps:requires: cygwin groff man
agetty:requires: cygwin login
apache:requires: cygwin gdbm
astyle:requires: cygwin
autoconf:requires: ash autoconf
automake:requires: ash automake
base-files:requires: ash fileutils sh-utils textutils findutils sed
base-passwd:requires: cygwin ash
bash:requires: cygwin termcap _update-info-dir
bc:requires: cygwin
binutils:requires: cygwin ash
bison:requires: cygwin gettext m4
byacc:requires: cygwin
bzip2:requires: cygwin texinfo
ccache:requires: gcc
chkconfig:requires: cygwin initscripts
clear:requires: cygwin
cmake:requires: ncurses cygwin
compface:requires: cygwin
cron:requires: cygwin
ctags:requires: cygwin
curl:requires: cygwin openssl
cvs:requires: ash cygwin gdbm crypt textutils
cygutils:requires: cygwin popt gettext libiconv
cygwin-doc:requires: cygwin man gzip sed newlib-man cygutils
cygwin:requires: gettext _update-info-dir base-passwd
dejagnu:requires: expect
diffutils:requires: ash cygwin
doxygen:requires: cygwin libpng
dpkg:requires: perl cygwin gettext
ed:requires: cygwin
emacs:requires: ctags ncurses terminfo cygwin
enscript:requires: cygwin cygutils perl gettext libiconv
exim:requires: cygwin gdbm openssl
expat:requires: cygwin
expect:requires: cygwin tcltk
fetchmail:requires: ash cygwin gettext openssl
figlet:requires: cygwin
file:requires: cygwin
fileutils:requires: ash cygwin ncurses terminfo gettext
findutils:requires: ash cygwin
fortune:requires: cygwin
gawk:requires: ash cygwin libiconv gettext
gcc:requires: cygwin ash binutils w32api mingw-runtime gettext gcc-mingw
gcc2:requires: cygwin ash binutils w32api mingw-runtime gettext
gdb:requires: cygwin termcap tcltk libiconv gettext
gdbm:requires: cygwin gdbm gdbm
gettext:requires: cygwin gettext libiconv
ghostscript:requires: cygwin libpng zlib
gnugo:requires: ncurses cygwin
gnupg:requires: cygwin gettext libiconv zlib
gperf:requires: cygwin _update-info-dir
grace:requires: cygwin XFree86 jpeg libpng lynx
grep:requires: ash cygwin gettext pcre
groff:requires: cygwin
gsl:requires: cygwin
guile:requires: cygwin ncurses readline
gzip:requires: cygwin
indent:requires: cygwin
inetutils:requires: cygwin terminfo
initscripts:requires: bash sysvinit
ioperm:requires: cygwin popt
jbigkit:requires: cygwin
jpeg:requires: cygwin
keychain:requires: openssh bash grep gawk sh-utils cygwin
less:requires: cygwin termcap pcre
libiconv:requires: cygwin gettext libiconv libcharset1
libpng:requires: cygwin zlib libpng
libtool:requires: ash
libungif:requires: cygwin
libxml2:requires: cygwin
libxslt:requires: cygwin libxml2
lilypond:requires: bash cygwin fileutils findutils ghostscript guile libiconv gettext libkpathsea3 python tetex
nks:requires: cygwin openssl
lynx:requires: cygwin gettext ncurses openssl zlib
make:requires: cygwin fileutils ash
man:requires: ash bash cygwin fileutils less groff mktemp gawk
mc:requires: ncurses cygwin
mingw-runtime:requires: w32api
mktemp:requires: cygwin
more:requires: ash cygwin gettext pcre termcap
mutt:requires: cygwin ncurses gettext libiconv openssl ssmtp
nano:requires: cygwin gettext libiconv ncurses
nasm:requires: cygwin
ncftp:requires: cygwin ncurses readline terminfo less ash fileutils
ncurses:requires: cygwin ncurses terminfo
netcat:requires: cygwin
newlib-man:requires: cygwin-doc
openssh:requires: cygwin ash zlib gawk openssl
openssl:requires: ash cygwin openssl096
par:requires: cygwin
patchutils:requires: cygwin diff patch
pcre:requires: cygwin pcre pcre
pdksh:requires: cygwin
perl:requires: cygwin gdbm db
pine:requires: crypt openssl cygwin
pinfo:requires: cygwin libiconv gettext ncurses man
pkgconfig:requires: cygwin
popt:requires: cygwin popt
postgresql:requires: ash cygwin ncurses readline zlib
procmail:requires: ash cygwin
procps:requires: cygwin ncurses
proftpd:requires: ash cygwin ncurses
python:requires: ash cygwin expat db gdbm ncurses readline openssl tcltk
terminfo zlib
rcs:requires: cygwin
readline:requires: ash cygwin ncurses readline terminfo texinfo
rebase:requires: bash cygwin fileutils grep gzip sed
regex:requires: cygwin
robots:requires: cygwin ncurses terminfo
rpm:requires: cygwin ash gawk fileutils textutils mktemp
rsync:requires: cygwin popt
ruby:requires: cygwin
rxvt:requires: cygwin ash bash
sed:requires: ash cygwin gettext libiconv
sh-utils:requires: ash bash cygwin gettext libiconv
sharutils:requires: ash cygwin gettext
shutdown:requires: cygwin
splint:requires: cygwin
squid:requires: cygwin cygrunsrv
sunrpc:requires: cygwin
swig:requires: cygwin
sysvinit:requires: cygwin cygrunsrv
tar:requires: ash cygwin gzip bzip2
tcp_wrappers:requires: cygwin
tcsh:requires: cygwin ncurses terminfo
termcap:requires: cygwin
tetex:requires: tetex texmf
texinfo:requires: cygwin gettext
texmf:requires: tetex
textutils:requires: ash cygwin gettext
tidy:requires: cygwin
tiff:requires: ash cygwin jpeg zlib
tin:requires: cygwin ncurses terminfo
ttcp:requires: cygwin
ucl:requires: cygwin
units:requires: cygwin readline
unzip:requires: cygwin
upx:requires: cygwin
uw-imap:requires: cygwin
vim:requires: cygwin terminfo ncurses gettext
wget:requires: openssl gettext libiconv ash cygwin
which:requires: cygwin
whois:requires: cygwin
xinetd:requires: cygwin inetutils sharutils bash
xpm-nox:requires: cygwin
zip:requires: cygwin
zlib:requires: cygwin
zsh:requires: cygwin termcap
cd1     4.0K    cygwin/INSTALL.TXT
cd1     8.0K    cygwin/README.TXT
cd1     188K    cygwin/cygwin.pdf
cd1     4.0K    cygwin/md5.sum
cd1     4.0K    cygwin/private
cd1     48K     cygwin/setup.bz2
cd1     260K    cygwin/setup.exe
cd1     184K    cygwin/setup.exe.old
cd1     188K    cygwin/setup.ini
cd1     4.0K    cygwin/tmp
cd1     44K     cygwin/utils
cd1     440K    cygwin/release/ELFIO
cd1     177M    cygwin/release/XFree86
cd1     56K     cygwin/release/_update-info-dir
cd1     2.6M    cygwin/release/a2ps
cd1     68K     cygwin/release/agetty
cd2     11M     cygwin/release/apache
cd1     200K    cygwin/release/ash
cd1     328K    cygwin/release/astyle
cd1     3.5M    cygwin/release/autoconf
cd1     2.5M    cygwin/release/automake
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/base-files
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/base-passwd
cd1     4.0M    cygwin/release/bash
cd1     312K    cygwin/release/bc
cd1     40M     cygwin/release/binutils
cd1     2.0M    cygwin/release/bison
cd1     112K    cygwin/release/byacc
cd1     2.5M    cygwin/release/bzip2
cd2     108K    cygwin/release/ccache
cd1     220K    cygwin/release/chkconfig
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/clear
cd1     6.4M    cygwin/release/cmake
cd1     68K     cygwin/release/compface
cd1     204K    cygwin/release/cpio
cd1     332K    cygwin/release/cron
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/crypt
cd1     988K    cygwin/release/ctags
cd2     3.5M    cygwin/release/curl
cd1     5.9M    cygwin/release/cvs
cd1     120K    cygwin/release/cygrunsrv
cd1     652K    cygwin/release/cygutils
cd1     23M     cygwin/release/cygwin
cd1     1.6M    cygwin/release/cygwin-doc
cd1     7.0M    cygwin/release/db
cd1     3.7M    cygwin/release/dejagnu
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/diff
cd1     828K    cygwin/release/diffutils
cd2     3.7M    cygwin/release/doxygen
cd2     1.6M    cygwin/release/dpkg
cd1     220K    cygwin/release/ed
cd2     68M     cygwin/release/emacs
cd2     2.5M    cygwin/release/enscript
cd2     3.2M    cygwin/release/exim
cd1     948K    cygwin/release/expat
cd1     19M     cygwin/release/expect
cd1     2.4M    cygwin/release/fetchmail
cd1     284K    cygwin/release/figlet
cd1     760K    cygwin/release/file
cd1     1.6M    cygwin/release/fileutils
cd1     640K    cygwin/release/findutils
cd1     372K    cygwin/release/flex
cd2     4.8M    cygwin/release/fortune
cd1     4.1M    cygwin/release/gawk
cd1     30M     cygwin/release/gcc
cd1     59M     cygwin/release/gcc-mingw
cd2     12M     cygwin/release/gcc2
cd1     54M     cygwin/release/gdb
cd1     940K    cygwin/release/gdbm
cd1     12M     cygwin/release/gettext
cd2     25M     cygwin/release/ghostscript
cd2     3.6M    cygwin/release/gnugo
cd1     7.6M    cygwin/release/gnupg
cd1     844K    cygwin/release/gperf
cd1     4.3M    cygwin/release/grace
cd1     712K    cygwin/release/grep
cd1     5.9M    cygwin/release/groff
cd1     8.2M    cygwin/release/gsl
cd1     7.9M    cygwin/release/guile
cd1     648K    cygwin/release/gzip
cd1     1.1M    cygwin/release/indent
cd1     1.3M    cygwin/release/inetutils
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/initscripts
cd1     656K    cygwin/release/ioperm
cd1     1.1M    cygwin/release/irc
cd1     836K    cygwin/release/jbigkit
cd1     3.4M    cygwin/release/jpeg
cd1     60K     cygwin/release/keychain
cd1     560K    cygwin/release/less
cd1     5.7M    cygwin/release/libiconv
cd1     3.3M    cygwin/release/libpng
cd1     7.0M    cygwin/release/libtool
cd1     524K    cygwin/release/libungif
cd2     12M     cygwin/release/libxml2
cd2     8.7M    cygwin/release/libxslt
cd2     24M     cygwin/release/lilypond
cd1     716K    cygwin/release/links
cd1     80K     cygwin/release/login
cd1     3.0M    cygwin/release/lynx
cd1     728K    cygwin/release/m4
cd1     3.8M    cygwin/release/make
cd1     284K    cygwin/release/man
cd2     165M    cygwin/math
cd1     16M     cygwin/release/mc
cd1     732K    cygwin/release/mingw-runtime
cd1     100K    cygwin/release/mktemp
cd1     52K     cygwin/release/more
cd1     32K     cygwin/release/mt
cd2     4.7M    cygwin/release/mutt
cd2     2.2M    cygwin/release/nano
cd1     2.4M    cygwin/release/nasm
cd1     1.3M    cygwin/release/ncftp
cd1     7.5M    cygwin/release/ncurses
cd1     140K    cygwin/release/netcat
cd1     20K     cygwin/release/newlib-man
cd1     3.3M    cygwin/release/opengl
cd1     2.3M    cygwin/release/openssh
cd1     12M     cygwin/release/openssl
cd1     112K    cygwin/release/par
cd1     432K    cygwin/release/patch
cd1     408K    cygwin/release/patchutils
cd1     1.6M    cygwin/release/pcre
cd1     608K    cygwin/release/pdksh
cd2     50M     cygwin/release/perl
cd2     8.6M    cygwin/release/pine
cd1     444K    cygwin/release/pinfo
cd1     1.4M    cygwin/release/pkgconfig
cd1     1.4M    cygwin/release/popt
cd2     51M     cygwin/release/postgresql
cd1     604K    cygwin/release/procmail
cd1     648K    cygwin/release/procps
cd2     2.5M    cygwin/release/proftpd
cd2     35M     cygwin/release/python
cd1     772K    cygwin/release/rcs
cd1     3.5M    cygwin/release/readline
cd1     144K    cygwin/release/rebase
cd1     104K    cygwin/release/regex
cd1     48K     cygwin/release/robots
cd1     11M     cygwin/release/rpm
cd1     1.3M    cygwin/release/rsync
cd2     4.3M    cygwin/release/ruby
cd1     2.5M    cygwin/release/rxvt
cd1     1.4M    cygwin/release/sed
cd1     1.5M    cygwin/release/setup
cd1     3.0M    cygwin/release/sh-utils
cd1     680K    cygwin/release/sharutils
cd1     60K     cygwin/release/shutdown
cd2     3.4M    cygwin/release/splint
cd2     1.2M    cygwin/release/squid
cd1     68K     cygwin/release/ssmtp
cd1     352K    cygwin/release/sunrpc
cd2     3.6M    cygwin/release/swig
cd1     160K    cygwin/release/sysvinit
cd1     2.8M    cygwin/release/tar
cd1     25M     cygwin/release/tcltk
cd1     204K    cygwin/release/tcp_wrappers
cd1     1020K   cygwin/release/tcsh
cd1     80K     cygwin/release/termcap
cd1     1.4M    cygwin/release/terminfo
cd2     202M    cygwin/release/tetex
cd1     3.8M    cygwin/release/texinfo
cd2     104K    cygwin/release/texmf
cd1     2.3M    cygwin/release/textutils
cd1     1.2M    cygwin/release/tidy
cd1     5.8M    cygwin/release/tiff
cd1     120K    cygwin/release/time
cd1     912K    cygwin/release/tin
cd1     44K     cygwin/release/ttcp
cd1     304K    cygwin/release/ucl
cd1     256K    cygwin/release/units
cd1     2.5M    cygwin/release/unzip
cd1     704K    cygwin/release/upx
cd1     2.7M    cygwin/release/uw-imap
cd1     19M     cygwin/release/vim
cd1     3.3M    cygwin/release/w32api
cd1     2.9M    cygwin/release/wget
cd1     24K     cygwin/release/which
cd1     152K    cygwin/release/whois
cd2     25M     cygwin/release/xerces-c
cd1     412K    cygwin/release/xinetd
cd1     624K    cygwin/release/xpm-nox
cd1     1.6M    cygwin/release/zip
cd1     508K    cygwin/release/zlib
cd1     8.8M    cygwin/release/zsh

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