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Re: latest version of vi messes up bash for me

Stephen Biggs wrote:

After I created the user ID 'steve' in Windows 98 and then logged on to it, Vim works flawlessly now. It seems to be some sort of ID screw-up (proved by the lockup with cygcheck) if your Windows user name is not the same as your cygwin name. I can see how this can be a problem on a system like NT/2K/XP, but Windows 98 is inherently insecure, anyway... oh well... Windows 98 is going away soon, anyway, but there are still a lot of people using it, especially out of the US.

Right.  But Cygwin isn't going away and it's utilities come from
environments where security isn't disabled.  Now I'm not saying
that the behavior you saw is optimal or even desirable.  Might even
be a bug. ;-)  But the way you're using it now is the way it's designed
to work regardless of the underlying O/S capabilities.  So working this
way is the path of least resistance.  Of course, you can always debug
it if you'd like to work another way and it doesn't work for you. ;-)

I do have this problem that Windows 98 now shows a menu at start-up asking for which user id to logon with, even though there is only one id, that with no password. Anybody know how to get the old version of Windows 98 (NOT the SE version!) to logon automatically? It doesn't show the login dialog like later versions of Win98.

Sorry, I don't use 9x here.  It offends my sensabilities (more than
other Windows O/Ss).  But I seem to recall that there were options to
log in by default as a particular user.  I know NT/W2K has this.
Check out tweakui or X-Setup.  I believe they both have the ability
to set a particular automatic login.

BTW, if you respond to this message, note that the reply-to has been
set to this list.  You don't need to include "my" email address as well.

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