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Re: Problems with Apache and phpPgAdmin

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, [iso-8859-1] Márcio Ferreira wrote:

> Dear Stipe Tolj,
> At the following address:
> you have the php-4.0.5 module to be downloaded.
> Have you the php-4.3.2 module to be downloaded or the Apache 2.0.46 binary
> with the PHP4 compiled with the "--with-pgsql" to work with
> "phpPgAdmin-3.0-rc-1"?
> I'm sorry but I think you are the one can help me with my trouble:
> Ive downloaded the Apache for Windows "apache_2.0.46-win32-x86-no_src.msi"
> and it's works fine.
> I've downloaded the Cygwin "Cygwin_1.3.22-1_setup.exe" and installed it at
> my WinME system.
> I've downloaded and installed the "cygipc_1.14-1". The PostgreSQL 7.3.3 is
> working fine. I can create database and edit them (via the Cygwin Bash
> Shell).
> When I try to login at the phpPgAdmin "phpPgAdmin-3.0-rc-1" via localhost it
> returns me an error message: "You have not compiled proper database support
> into your PHP installation."

BTW, your using the native Windows Apache port not the Cygwin port. The Cygwin
port of PHP (4.2.0?) has support for PostgreSQL and should work. If your not
going to be using Apache on Cygwin, then please take your questions to an Apache
forum or newsgroup.

> At Apache documentation (Details of installing PHP with Apache on Unix) I
> wrote that compilling PHP for apache must have the "--with-pgsql" and then,
>  a "" shared library will be created and the Apache will access it
>  using the LoadModule at "httpd.conf" file.
>  I have no tools to compile Apache. I need this file ( to use
>  phpPgAdmin.
>  Do you know how can I obtain it?
>  Can you help me?

You can install Apache and PHP using Cygwin's setup.exe, which comes with
libphp4.dll (the .so extension is used on Linux and other Unices; .dll is used
on Cygwin) so all you need to do is install the packages.

> PS.:
> 1) I've been edited edit the "phppgadmin/conf/" file properly
>  and changed the following line to:
> $conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'localhost';
> 2) Via pgAdminII v1.5.60( I can
> access the PostgreSQL normally.
> 3) I've installed the "psqlodbc-07_03_0100.msi" for Windows and it's working
> fine too.
> 4) The strange thing is that I've crated the test file
> "index.php"(<?phpinfo()?>) and it works. The problem only appears when I try
> to login at phpPgAdmin.

See above; I think your using the native Windows port of Apache and not the
Cygwin port. And unless you've enabled the pgsql module, phpPgAdmin will not


Elfyn McBratney (
Systems Administrator /

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