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1.3.22 login problem


login always fails with my cygwin installation on Win2000.

I have checked the mailing lists and found the following letter by Corinna
Vinschen (in reply to Mark Calder):

Mark Calder> When I use the login command I get "login
Mark Calder> incorrect".

Corinna Vinschen> You cannot change user context on
Corinna Vinschen> NT/W2K if your account
Corinna Vinschen> has not explicitely set several user
Corinna Vinschen> rights. Even administrator
Corinna Vinschen> doesn't have all these user rights. Corinna Vinschen>
These rights are
Corinna Vinschen>
Corinna Vinschen>  "Act as part of the operating system"
Corinna Vinschen>  "Replace process level token"
Corinna Vinschen>  "Increase quotas"
Corinna Vinschen>

Even when these are set for my group (there is still a possibility that I
did not get the Russian translation right) login fails. And I need login to
run inetd.

My typical BASH session looks like

 bash-2.05b$ export CYGWIN=ntsec
 bash-2.05b$ login root
 Login incorrect
 bash-2.05b$ mkpasswd -lu root

PS. Interestingly, when I call Access Control functions,
such as LookupAccountName, I get Error 1722
(The RPC server is unavailable)

use Win32::API;

my $lookupAccountName = new Win32::API(

my $rc = $lookupAccountName->Call([],"root",$sid,$cbsid,

if ($rc == 0) {
    my $errcode = $getLastError->Call();

    print "Error $errcode\n";

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