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Re: 1.3.22 login problem

Dima Chubarov wrote:


login always fails with my cygwin installation on Win2000.

I have checked the mailing lists and found the following letter by Corinna
Vinschen (in reply to Mark Calder):

Mark Calder> When I use the login command I get "login
Mark Calder> incorrect".

Corinna Vinschen> You cannot change user context on
Corinna Vinschen> NT/W2K if your account
Corinna Vinschen> has not explicitely set several user
Corinna Vinschen> rights. Even administrator
Corinna Vinschen> doesn't have all these user rights. Corinna Vinschen>
These rights are
Corinna Vinschen>
Corinna Vinschen>  "Act as part of the operating system"
Corinna Vinschen>  "Replace process level token"
Corinna Vinschen>  "Increase quotas"
Corinna Vinschen>

Even when these are set for my group (there is still a possibility that I
did not get the Russian translation right) login fails. And I need login to
run inetd.

My typical BASH session looks like

 bash-2.05b$ export CYGWIN=ntsec
 bash-2.05b$ login root
 Login incorrect
 bash-2.05b$ mkpasswd -lu root

Is there a reason not to just run inetd as a service as the documentation suggests?

The above permissions need to be added to the account from which 'login'
will run, not the target account to be logged into.  You'll need to add
the specified permissions to the account you will issue 'login' from.
I'm guessing from the information you provided above that this account
is not 'root'.

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