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Re: STLPort Libraries

Ufuk Çoban wrote:

Have you built stlport's libraries? I built just static library(.a). make all is set just for all_static. there is no macro for dynamic libraries. When i try to make all_dynamic there is an error like "undefined reference to _winmain@16".

There's no reason to send to both cygwin-apps and cygwin.  One or the
other suffices.  In this case, since stlport is not part of the
distribution and you're not volunteering to package it (AFAICT),
cygwin is the proper list for inquiries like this.  See
<> for the charter of each mailing list
for more details.

Also, it's worthwhile to point out that there is an FAQ as well as
other documentation at the Cygwin site.  You should review it when
you have questions.  In this case, you would find your question listed
in the FAQ:

Why the undefined reference to `WinMain@16'?

If this isn't your issue for some reason, please email the cygwin list
(only) with details of your problem and attached output from cygcheck
(see <> for information on how to report


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