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Re: 1.3.22 login problem

> The above permissions need to be added to the account > from which 'login'
> will run, not the target account to be logged into.
As the documentation for the login package says,
switching the contexts is not supported at the moment.

My attempt on Windows 2000 5.00.2195 sp3 failed
I have delegated the permissions to the group of cygwin users and expected
them to be able to log on under each others accounts.

The following non-default permissions were set for the group (Russian
1."Вход в качестве пакетного задания"
"Logon as a batch"
2. "Вход в качестве службы"
"Logon as a service"
3. "Замена маркера уровня процесса"
"Replace of the process level token"
4. "Увеличение квот"
"Increase quotas"
5. "Работа в режиме операционной системы"
"Act as part of the operating system"

I am not going any further. As the documented way
of running the inetd solves most of the problems.

I'd like to thank Larry Hall for advice on setting up the inetd.


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