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sshd, native console apps

I'm still struggling with getting a Visual-Studio-built console app to
output things to the console via an ssh session.  I've attached cygcheck -s
-v -r output again since I've started a new thread.

I was able to get my program to output via the console, but I had to turn
off buffering to do it.  Not sure if this is obvious.

I added


to the beginning of the program....

ment has an entry for CYGWIN, but the value is empty.

Without turning off buffering, I don't see any output via an ssh localhost
session until my program terminates.  Without ssh, and without the call to
setbuf, I see output normally....

I'm looking for suggestions to get "normal" output via without the setbuf
call.  Any ideas?

Thanks again for your help.  Is there any more information I can provide to
help figure this out?

David Byron         
6591 Dumbarton Circle         voice:(510)818-5550
Fremont, CA  94555            fax:(510)818-5510

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