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Re: Porting Sun's XView to Cygwin: ucontext.h/sigcontext workaround?

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Hirsch, Matthew wrote:

> Hi list.
> I'm working on porting Sun Microsystems's antiquated XView libraries to
> Cygwin.  The only major hangup I've run into is the absence of the signal
> context functionality (ucontext.h and sigcontext).  I've read through the
> archives of this distribution, and I know this has been discussed at some
> length, especially by Igor Pechtchanski, but no resolution was reached.
> Has anyone found a suitable workaround?
> Thanks much..
> Matt Hirsch


Unfortunately, the best solution at this point is the one outlined in
<> (the bug Allen
mentioned has been fixed, so my original proposal of using cygwin_internal
should also work).  You should then be able to use GetThreadContext to
retrieve the context.
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