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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New packages: docbook-xml42, docbook-xsl, xmlto

Hi Marcel,

thank you for making these packages available directly via Cygwin setup. I gave xmlto a couple of runs, and it does its job as expected. Unfortunately, I can not use xmlto currently without switching off validation, because it doesn't allow postvalidating my source after evaluating the xincludes first. But I will contact Tim about this. Perhaps he is willing to include another command line switch in one of the next releases.

Is there a reason why you sticked with the v1.60.1 XSL stylesheets and didn't use the v1.61.2 ones?

Very nice,


docbook-xml42 package contains Docbook XML DTD version 4.2 as published by OASIS. Current version of the package is docbook-xml42-4.2-1.


docbook-xsl package contains XSL stylesheets for the DocBook XML DTD created by Norman Walsh and others. Current version of the package is docbook-xsl-1.60.1-1.


xmlto is a front-end to the DocBook XML toolchain written by Tim Waugh. xmlto converts XML files to various formats using XSL stylesheets. Current version of the package is xmlto-0.0.12-1.

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