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Re: About the 'su' command

Ross Presser wrote:

Larry Hall <> wrote in">

Do you know "someone" on an XP station that has more powers than the
Administrator or an Administrators member ?

Certainly.  SYSTEM.  But I'd highly recommend using ssh instead of
su.  That way you don't have to create a user with privileges that
opens a security hole just so you can su.  Of course, you can do
so if you prefer.

SYSTEM doesn't have the power to use network resources, does it?

As Corinna pointed out very well in this thread, access to network
resources is controlled by Windows authentication.  SYSTEM has the
permissions that allow it to switch user context, and doing so may or may
not include authentication.  But I was answering your question about which
ID has permissions (by default) to change to a new user ID.  Network
resource access is a different, though related, issue.

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