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Re: Problem with setup.exe (last version)

Miha Andrejasic wrote:


I would like to use cygwin at home. But I ahve slow connection so I
downloades setup.exe and run at work. I downloaded packages to local
directory and burned them to CD. At home I tried the instal but when I
use Install from local directory and select from where and to where it
produces error. Program has generated errors and it will be closed. I
tried then the same thing at work and same thing happens. I downloaded
new set of files again and it is the same. I did it last time on Monday
16th of June.

I am using W2k on both computers. I will also like to install Xfree

What might be a problem?

Impossible to say for sure given the information you've provided.
However, my WAG is that you created the CD with files in the root
directory.  Put them all in a subdirectory (i.e. cygwin) on the CD and
try again.  See the email list archives for more details and other
discussions on making Cygwin CDs.

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